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The Accessibility of Rabbit Holes

I can’t fit into a rabbit hole - well, maybe I could with the help of a tiny, bottled beverage - but I find myself metaphorically falling head over heels down, into and around them on a regular basis.

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Ladies, Wine & Design: Newcastle

Each month in Newcastle, a group of wonderful ladies meet to drink wine, eat cheese, and have casual conversations on a range of topics covering business, design, creativity, and life. I've been to a few recently, and wanted to let you all know what they're like!

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5 Steps to Growing Quality Website Traffic

I'm always striving for better quality traffic on every website I help take to market.

Of course, it's important to strive for more in terms of volume too - and if you know me, you know enough is never enough - but high volume, low quality traffic shouldn't be what you are trying to achieve. Thousands of site visits a month mean nothing without conversions.

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