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Pivot or adapt? Our clients’ approach to the pandemic

As an agency, we’re lucky to work with businesses from all types of industries. It keeps us on our toes, makes every one of our projects unique and means that we’re always learning. Over the past month, this has meant something more. We’ve come to realise how different sectors are pivoting their business models and adapting services to get through a very uncertain time.

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Business as (un)usual

Business As Usual. Or BAU. Either way, the situation that our country finds itself is not usual, it’s far from it and Covid-19 has forced us to be more flexible than ever. Being part of a reactive industry, Cargo embraced the challenge of this new norm, packed up our machines (and chairs in some cases) and set up from home.

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Affinity – One Year Review

So it’s been just over a year since my last post on the new design software Affinity. Since then, Serif’s Affinity software has hit a few big milestones. Their two initial programs, Designer and Photo are now available on Windows and they have released version 1.5 on both programs as well.

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