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The Accessibility of Rabbit Holes

I can’t fit into a rabbit hole - well, maybe I could with the help of a tiny, bottled beverage - but I find myself metaphorically falling head over heels down, into and around them on a regular basis.

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Flexbox and CSS Grids – I think I’ll Clear Both

Working with CSS for a website’s layout has always been a little bit hacky. Not that using floats or display: inline-block; haven’t served their purpose, it’s just they aren’t the right tools for job; they were never meant to be used for layout and structure. In the past, there have been many workarounds to make a website look like it has structure, some of which had some pros but a higher number of cons.

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Protecting Yourself From Ransomware

On or around the 13th June security researchers going by the handles JamesWT_MHT and benkow_ discovered an email containing an attachment with a Javascript file which, if ran will lock and encrypt personal files on a users computer and display a ransom note demanding around £200 for its release. This is ransomware and while it’s nothing new, the use of Javascript is.

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Website security in the news again

Website stability and reliability has once again been in the headlines in recent months following a major issue with web hosting company The hosting company ‘accidentally’ deleted an ‘unspecified number’ of it’s customers websites resulting in data being lost for many companies.

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