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One year at Cargo – a Celebration

I’ve been at Cargo for a year and it was one hell of a year!


We faced challenges on multiple fronts, from the lingering Covid-19 pandemic, to the cost of living crisis. Businesses had to contend with rapid changes in consumer behaviours, and spending patterns, and many had to adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Joining a new company can be tough at the best of times, with bosses to impress, skills to learn and new colleagues to befriend. But joining a new company amidst a pandemic and such drastic changes in the marketing and advertising industry was definitely no small feat.

But if this year has thought me anything, it’s that we’re incredibly resilient and that every challenge comes with its own lesson.


Lesson 1: Going an extra mile makes a difference

This is about those little things that improve something for others and in turn improve our work. It is not about overdelivering or working ourselves into the ground is about putting the extra thought into clients’ campaigns.

It is about spending a few extra minutes on their socials to help promote a new product. Customise client’s advert imagery to make it more personal, even though they didn’t pay or ask for it. Not only that this helps to harbour the most productive relationship, but it has also helped me to learn more about each client and bring the best results to their campaigns.


Lesson 2: There are no shortcuts

Despite what some people in the industry want you to believe, there is no magic button that will suddenly bring your business millions of pounds. These marketers spend a lot of time looking for shortcuts to bring those magical page one Google rankings.

And while some of the shortcuts are a great way to start off – they rarely bring long-lasting results. More importantly, I’ve found that instead of looking for an easy win that probably doesn’t exist, you should be prepared to do what it takes to build strong fundamental campaigns for a business. This means committing to creating a quality service offering, building an experienced team and delivering great results.


Lesson 3: Collaboration is key

Users and customers alike don’t differentiate between various departments and neither should your campaigns. And while we are all well aware of the importance of maintaining consistency across all of the marketing channels, we rarely see this actioned in practice.

We found that most successful campaigns are driven by internal success teams, their first-hand experiences and our data-driven industry insights. This means that teams should not only check in with each other, but they should actively work together toward common goals and benchmarks that ensure a consistent customer experience that creates joint accountability.


Get in touch!

Finally, if any marketers want to reach out and chat more I’m happy to! Just get in touch with me via LinkedIn. Or if you’re interested in a career at Cargo Creative, check out our career page to browse our open positions