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How starting with a budget can deliver a better campaign

Posted on 3rd August, 2017 in Marketing

In the healthcare sector, setting a budget at the start of the project can improve its chances at success and make for a better campaign. It is easy to fall into the trap that having an unlimited budget can be better than not having one at all but there are many benefits to having a budget set in advance at the start of a project. We look at the reasons budgets can help make your campaign a better one.

Budgets provide limits

Having a budget creates parameters for which the campaign will need to operate in. Without a budget, it can truly seem like the sky's the limit. Although it probably seems counterintuitive (surely unlimited resources is what we’re all aiming for!), working within confines can often mean more creativity and a better solution. Having limits will help to keep you on track as you know where you’re going to have to stop in order keep within your budget. Limits also help to open up the lines of communication between all parties involved. It means more thorough scoping at the start of the campaign, which means everyone will be on the same page. While limits can be frustrating, it can be a challenge to see how much you can truly achieve with your resources and you may surprise yourself and others by reaching your targets within the confines of your budget.

Budgets help to provide focus

When you set a budget, it forces you to focus on the key points of the campaign and to set some indicators as to what merits success. It takes more consideration of the priorities for a project and gives it something to aim for. Focusing on targets will help you to understand what needs to be achieved in order to constitute a positive return on the budget. Setting targets will help to set a clearer standard on what the return on the budget as well so that when it comes time to evaluate the success of the campaign.

Budgets help with planning

A budget can help with planning by making sure that budget is allocated throughout the course of the project. Planning needs to be done more carefully so that the time and money goes toward where it needs to the most. Planning helps explore different options before deciding on what the best course of action is whereas without a budget it can be tempting to just try everything. With a budget, it’s likely that your project will have better organisation as well since there will be a clear plan set out to stick to throughout the course of the project.

Limits also help to open up the lines of communication between all parties involved.


Budgeting helps ensure that resources don’t run out

Once a budget is set, it gives a clear map of how resources are going to be allocated to achieve goals. This helps to ensure that there will be budget to last the entire campaign, and that money won’t be misspent. A budget will help to minimise wasted spend because knowing where the budget is going means it won’t be put towards efforts that aren’t contributing to the aims of the project.

Budgeting helps with longevity and sustainability

Budgets can contribute towards the longevity and sustainability of the project by making sure that the time and money will last for the duration of the project. It also provides insight into whether or not a project would be scalable once it’s been ran and the aims have either been achieved or not.

Budgets prompts clearer communication

By sitting down and deciding up on a budget, it opens up communication so that stakeholders involved in the project can discuss what the priorities are and so that they know what it takes to keep the project on track. By having a limited resource, communication about the best way to use that resource is paramount to the success of to the project so that people are on the same page before the project kicks off. By sitting down and communicating people can share their perspectives as well as any doubts that they may have before the budget is set in order to clear the air to ensure success.


There are many reasons why having a budget can be a good thing including the proper allocation of resources, the opening up of communication and setting parameters to ensure maximising impact. While having limits can seem counterintuitive to having a successful project, limits promote creativity and focus so that a project knows where it’s going.

If you’ve got a budget in mind and are ready to put it to use, get in touch! The Cargo team are waiting to talk with you.

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