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How we approach the creative process when we’ve got rules to follow

Posted on 6th September, 2017 in Marketing

The creative process varies person to person and agency to agency and sometimes even project to project so being flexible is key to the success of a project. This applies even when there are more rules than normal to follow for a project.

Rules are just part of life! And an agency will be used to working under different circumstances for different projects as each project is unique and stands on its own. What works for one project, won’t work for another and you creative team will be willing to do what it takes to get your project to a successful end.

So how does an agency respect the creative process when they more rules to follow than normal? Let’s take a look.

Establish the boundaries

When an agency knows that they will be working on a project with more limits, they will need to ask more questions to establish the limits that they will be working in. This doesn’t make the project more difficult, it just makes it different. Knowing the boundaries from the start will help to shape the project so be upfront with your creative team about them. Chances are this will need more work at the start of the project as you’ll be communicating with your agency more and working with them on preparation before will limit mistakes in the project further on. It might take extra work but fail to plan and plan to fail.

Consider accessibility

Within the healthcare sector, there tends to be a wider requirement for accessibility particularly for web and print projects. Sometimes this can be accessible to general regulations other times a more specific target audience is involved and has different specifications to create a project that works for them. Your agency will do their research in advance of this as well as work with you to communicate your needs for individual projects. It can be difficult to design for an audience that you haven’t previously worked with but it is the job of a designer to empathise with who they are designing for and it can take time to understand the world as they experience it. Establishing these expectations help to add more parameters to the project, but it doesn’t prevent the creative process, only guides it.

Study the brand

Understanding the brand requirements before starting the project gives the agency a clear idea of what they will be working with and give them insight into the sign off process. The more brands involved, the more attention to detail that need to be taken with their brands. This can add more complexity to the project in terms of management and getting sign off but doesn’t make a project impossible. Making sure that the brand is consistent is something every agency wants to do but sometimes it takes a bit more help and communication to get there.

Rules are just part of life!


Making the most of what you have

It can be difficult to work with limited assets but it’s really about making the most of what you have. It’s a challenge that can help designers, developers and marketers sharpen their creative thinking and think outside the box. This takes flexibility and a deeper understanding of the target audience and what success looks like so that your agency can deliver. Having the content and any visual assets in advance can help your agency get a better idea of what they’re working with and can help shape your expectations of what they can achieve with what they have.

Modify the process

When the process needs extra steps, more clarity or working closer with a client, your agency will do what it takes to deliver the best project, even if this means modifying their project. While there is a lot to be said about finding an agency that is the right fit to start with, agencies are aware that different organisations work differently on different timescales and can appreciate that delivering a project may take longer than normal or need more sign off.


The creative process is something that is individual to each person, agency and project but that means observing the rules to make a better outcome for the project. While it’s not always easy and means they might need more from you in terms of clarity and communication working together means a project that everyone can be happy with.

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