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Dev ‘Levelling Up’ List

Posted on 14th February, 2014 in Development

The web is constantly expanding and developing. New technologies are released on a monthly, if not weekly, basis and browsers and developers alike have to keep up with these changes to ensure the end user receives the best possible user experience.

These sound like pretty broad, sweeping statements, and they are, but it is still quite easy to take how you view the web for granted.

As a developer, keeping on top of every new semantic HTML discussion, javascript library, CMS, plugin and language that comes to fruition is pretty overwhelming and most of the time the best way forward is picking a process/code set that aligns with the needs of the current projects and going with it, hoping that they will stand the test of time and work forever.

Finding time to research and learn new technologies is only half the battle however, correctly integrating them within your workflow to enhance and improve the way you work can be tricky. This is especially tough when experimenting with code while working on projects for production, it can be very unreliable not to mention unbillable to a client.

Version control with Git was a big step internally and has changed the way we work dramatically. This was something we had been following for a while and, with the growth of Cargo’s development team last year, could not be left out of our workflow. Combining Git with apps like Codekit to compile SASS and compress JS, Vagrant to streamline local development and using GUIs like Tower and Sourcetree to manage our repos, has increased productivity and allows us to track down bugs much quicker.

Recently we have been delving into video management on the web (how to capture, store and reference videos) and we have also implemented a new internal studio/project management system to bring everything together. But what’s next?

Our current development process is running smoothly but there is always room for improvement. Automated task runners like Grunt and Gulp have been on our radar and are now part of our ‘levelling up’ list, along with the Laravel framework, parallax scrolling (so we can better understand when, where and IF it should be used) and, as always, discussing reliable and reusable responsive image solutions.

Is there anything we have missed? What technologies are you using? Let us know at

Version control with Git was a big step internally and has changed the way we work dramatically.

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