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Posts By Adam Gowland

Welcome Laura-Jane

With the steady increase in incoming work, we've been looking for multiple new additions for the Cargo team. We're pleased to say we've found some and this week we're shouting about Laura-Jane, our new digital marketing executive!

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Protecting Yourself From Ransomware

On or around the 13th June security researchers going by the handles JamesWT_MHT and benkow_ discovered an email containing an attachment with a Javascript file which, if ran will lock and encrypt personal files on a users computer and display a ransom note demanding around £200 for its release. This is ransomware and while it’s nothing new, the use of Javascript is.

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The Panama Papers – How Did it Happen?

The "Panama Papers" story has been all over newspapers and television this week. In short, 2.6 terabytes of data consisting of 11.5 million files were leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. The papers reveal a system of hiding money in offshore accounts for what appears to be the sole purpose of paying less tax.

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Welcome to Laravel

It’s now been over a year since we launched the current version of the Cargo Creative website. In our last launch, we made a lot of changes to the front end that are easy to see, such as introducing 'The Cargo Hold' and reworking the way we do our case studies, in the 'Work' section.

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Website and internet security is ever becoming a more important topic as technology becomes more complex. Enter HTTPS. Even if you have never noticed HTTPS before, you have more than likely encountered it. At least we hope so.

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