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Seven projects for seven years

The beginning of May always marks another anniversary since I joined Cargo, it starts with that momentary panic as the Linked In notifications start piling in and I’m not sure why. However this year has felt very different, with the current situation we find ourselves in it is certainly more a time for reflection than celebration.

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Branding and Design for Rio 2016

With a huge summer of sport reaching its pinnacle with the Olympics & Paralympics just around the corner, I wanted to take a good look at the how their branding has been developed into what we will see for almost a month and a half through August and September.

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Is the Google rebrand a template for education?

Last week, Google announced the evolution of its identity which included a complete rebrand that, in Google’s own words, ‘embraces an expanding, multi-device, multi-screen world’. They also state that the rebrand is necessary to make Google more accessible and useful to it’s users. In fairness to Google, that is as good a reason as any to undertake a rebrand, although in doing so they did send the design and digital world into a frenzy.

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Adobe Photoshop celebrates its 25th birthday

The photo-editing tool Adobe Photoshop has reached it’s 25th birthday this week and to celebrate they have launched an advertising campaign featuring work from artists and iconic movie images that used Photoshop. Some examples include Avatar, Gone Girl, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Shrek.

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The importance of photography

We work with a number of great photographers at Cargo. Each have their own specific skillsets or niches. So when projects come along, you have to be able to use the right person for the job. We have been admirers of John Donoghue for a long time, but the right projects have never come along to enable us to work with him. Until now.

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