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Pivot or adapt? Our clients’ approach to the pandemic

As an agency, we’re lucky to work with businesses from all types of industries. It keeps us on our toes, makes every one of our projects unique and means that we’re always learning. Over the past month, this has meant something more. We’ve come to realise how different sectors are pivoting their business models and adapting services to get through a very uncertain time.

Aquaseal Rubber: Same production line, different product

We’ve supported Aquaseal Rubber since 2014, starting with their website before providing ongoing digital marketing support. Within those six years, they’ve consistently grown their client base and expanded into different industries but COVID-19 is a new challenge.

Within one week of lockdown, Aquaseal had already designed, manufactured and constructed a prototype for an isolation screen. The purpose of this is to protect factory workers and those in a workshop who must find ways to follow the government guidelines around hygiene and social distancing – a new consideration for companies across the UK. In the week after, we’d supported the new product with illustrated assets, an online PDF flyer and an email campaign.

David Gray Solicitors LLP: New mediums to mediate

Another of our clients is David Gray Solicitors LLP, who specialise in family law including family mediation. Usually, this process involves getting all parties together in one room to try to resolve matters amongst separating families and prevent it from going to court. Under the COVID-19 lockdown guidelines, these meetings can’t go ahead but the demand for the service is still there.

With families under strain from being stuck in the same household, the need for a third party to help mediate is essential for some. David Gray has adapted well, offering the same service but remotely through video calling.

Ward Hadaway: Business support with specialised expertise

No business is alone when it comes to worrying about the effects of COVID-19, ourselves included. When government support was announced, there was a lot of ambiguity flying around with business owners unsure of what this meant for themselves and their staff. Throughout this time, Ward Hadaway decided they wanted to add a “COVID-19 Hub” to the site – using their legal expertise law to answer some of the most common questions that businesses wanted the answers to, particularly around people, funding and contracts.

We were happy to support this concept, creating a section on the site that was fitting with the brand, easy to update and accepted feedback or further questions from users. The content on there is informative and often reassuring for businesses throughout this time.

Hyperdrive Innovation: Increased demand to supply essential work

Every business has had to make changes to keep employees safe and abide by the new guidelines. This has made it hard for all businesses to operate as normal, and especially so when that business has to increase its output. This is the situation that Hyperdrive Innovation has found itself in over the past few months.

We worked closely with Hyperdrive to design and build their existing website, getting to know how the business works. They design, develop and manufacture lithium-ion battery systems to power electric vehicles and energy storage systems that are used across many industries. One of their key clients is an online grocery retailer who has experienced a surge in demand.

Hyperdrive has adapted by implementing split shifts, staggered break times, continuous disinfecting and working from home where possible. Despite the new challenge, they’ve still set sights on their long term goals to expand their technology. We think this is something that we can all learn from, setting future goals for when the uncertainty of the present passes.

Ride Electric: A charitable move to support the frontline

Another of our clients who we’re proud to work alongside is Ride Electric. We’ve worked closely with Ride Electric over the past few years, developing their brand identity, website and designs for exhibition stands.

For many keyworkers, especially those in the NHS, using public transport or car-sharing has been advised against. Because of this, Ride Electric began loaning out its stock of e-bikes free of charge to NHS staff so that they could travel to and from work more effectively. The scheme has proven popular but they are running low on resources. They are now asking for local businesses and individuals to sponsor bikes for NHS frontline staff, keeping them safe from unnecessary contact risk.

Apex Pro Fitness: Keeping a community together in isolation

Apex Pro Fitness has worked hard over the past few years to develop and launch their private fitness facility based in Shiremoor. One of the main things that attract people to their services is the sense of community that being a member of Apex brings, and this was something that they didn’t want to lose when social distancing measures were introduced.

Business owner Danny Ponton came up with some ideas on how to keep everyone motivated whilst not losing any team spirit. Apex has been providing small group personal training sessions via Zoom to keep people fit during lockdown and encourage members to maintain their fitness. They’ve also been hosting online quizzes and community activities to make sure everyone stays in touch. We’ve supported Apex with social posts for their Instagram and design assets for online presentations, keeping the brand image strong and consistent throughout COVID-19.


Whilst some of our clients are completely shifting their focus by manufacturing new products, others are adapting by finding new ways to provide their offering. What we’ve learnt is that no business is sitting still – our clients, and ourselves, are striving hard to be reactive and responsive to whatever comes our way.

If you’re wondering how to keep moving throughout the current situation, whether it’s communicating with your customers, adapting your online offering to meet new demands or with a Newcastle web design project, get in touch.