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Cargo help launch Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

We have recently been involved with the launch of Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee. A new caffeinated product that is less acidic than standard coffee and is sugar free, fat free, has no carbohydrates and is also very low in calories.

Point Blank approached Cargo to assist mainly with the delivery of a website that would include the added functionality of an online shop. However we were also asked to assist and advise with the packaging design of the product which included brand development, product placement, infographics and label design.

It was very clear from our consultation meetings at the start of the project that Point Blank had a strong vision of what they wanted to achieve and the main challenge centred around the products versatility. Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee appeals to two very different audiences and being able to portray this without losing any brand messaging was key. We have deliberately looked to funnel users into one of two choices, health or bars and restaurants. There were a number of creative concepts discussed for this including day and night, good and evil however the clarity the site now has won through.

#The website is fully responsive and we felt that with a product like Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee creating a strong mobile experience would be vital to it’s success. Much of the PR strategy around Point Blank centres around sharing on social media and as it’s reputation grows so will the percentage of mobile users. This has proven to be correct as currently 56% of users are viewing on mobile (48%) and tablet (8%). This pushes home the necessity for a website to be optimised across platforms.

The overall response to the product has been very good, and Point Blank have also announced that they will be launching in the Fenwick’s Food Hall in Newcastle. However if you can’t get to Fenwick’s, don’t worry as you can purchase it online at

Alternatively you can view the project here.