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Following the success of various projects we have worked on with Everyturn Mental Health, we were pleased to be introduced to ‘Help Kent & Medway Talking Therapies’ who also required an update to their brand and website.

Help Kent & Medway – as it was previously named – was a collection of 8 local providers that delivered free NHS talking therapies services to anyone over the age of 17 in the Kent & Medway area. The structure of the providers was not going to change through the rebrand process, however research had shown that the name did cause some confusion and a more succinct name was required in order to reinvent the service.

Our branding process included a range of naming suggestions which were reviewed by internal stakeholder teams and staff, and one was selected – ‘We Listen Kent & Medway’. The over arching aim of the brand was to simply be inviting, with a friendly, conversational approach which represented the approach of the services. To develop this further forward, we took a question based approach to the tone of voice within the brand – asking users of the service how they felt, or how we could help them. This further pushed home the informal nature of the service, and answered the needs of users who may have found the process of seeking mental health support daunting or embarrassing previously. In addition, it also formed part of the ongoing search strategy that was agreed knowing that more and more people search with question based terminology.

For the website we already had a small website to work with. So in the first instance, our usual process was followed – running technical audits and reviews of the current site initially, which then informed some of the decision making when it cam the the design look and feel of the new site. This also included detailed keyword research, and a suggestion of content creation and calendars later down the line. The website is. Really easy to use due to its size, but also by providing clear calls to action and way finding clues it means users never get lost.

Slightly differently to previous projects, the site would not look to help people ‘self-refer’. The aim being to act as a portal to the partner websites where users would refer themselves directly. Over the first 3 months, we saw an increase in the organic visibility of the website, and a natural decrease in the amount of direct traffic the site was receiving. Visitors has also increased positively, as has the number of enquiries.

Other roll out items included a range of printed materials and presentation templates which underpin the new brand, making it easy for anyone within the business to update or communicate the WE Listen Kent & Medway service in the best way possible.



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