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We’ve worked with the team at Concern Group for the last 8 years, delivering a number of digital products to support various strands of their business. Across 2022 they set about merging their core organisations Mental Health Concern and Insight IAPT and rebranding the whole group to Everyturn Mental Health.

This naming and branding process was carried out by the awesome guys at Altogether, and we were over the moon to be able to collaborate and deliver the digital side of the project. A fresh new brand, killer copy and a well-designed, well-built website that is going to help people across the UK when they are in need. Ultimately an amazing project to be involved with and the result speaks for itself.

Prior to any creative work taking place, we carried out full technical audits and site crawls of the existing sites to inform the number of pages and redirects that would need to take place. In addition to this, we also reviewed analytical data to heavily inform us on how users were interacting with the website and the most popular journeys. Having worked across the sites for a number of years, we already had a good insight to this area of activity, but a fresh review always helps.

Alongside the branding project, we restructured the site content with a human focus on users, but also a technical focus on search success and visibility. Once the branding was agreed on, it meant we could start the creative part of our process and visualise how the site would look and feel.

Whilst implementing the new brand into a fresh and exciting user interface, we also had to ensure it answered user needs. The site covers a wide range of services and content so it is vital users have the ability to navigate easily and clearly. The first stage in answering this was to restructure and develop the navigation, which opens out into a comprehensive full screen menu. On the homepage of the site you can easily enter into one of the 6 core content pillars either from the primary navigation, the question prompt or even the supporting block below. Making it easy for users to access specific content that answers their needs and ultimately leads them to getting the support they need from Everyturn Mental Health.

The Content Management System (CMS) focusses on flexibility within modules, rather than a set layout options when setting up pages. We wanted to give creative freedom whilst maintaining visual consistency to ensure the content can be found and followed by the user. Allowing customisation for colour, style and structure means Everyturn Mental Health can make changes across the front-end of the site whilst still ensuring brand consistency throughout.

Post launch we will continue our ongoing search activity to make sure the site is visible and can be found online through searches. Providing content creation and optimisation alongside technical support to ensure the site performance never drops and the brand keeps growing. This has been a fantastic project to work on and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Everyturn Mental Health as this site develops and grows.

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