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Recently we have been collaborating with several other studios and agencies on projects. It’s been really interesting working with other creatives from all areas of the industry. Notably, earlier in the summer we were approached by design agency Studio1440 to collaborate on an exciting project for photographer and director Hamish Brown. With strong experience in editorial and digital design, Studio1440 asked us to support with the development side of the project with the objective of building an intuitive content upload system, a platform that effectively showcases his work and offers the user the best experience in terms of loading speed and performance.

We started by building a content management system specific to the project and user – Hamish historically found it frustrating updating his old site, and therefore rarely did he ever add new content in and promote new work. Upon receiving draft designs from Studio1440, we then began discussing how transitions could work in the best way, optimising the design best for mobile and UX, and also how we could protect Hamish’s work. The idea around this was to showcase work as crisp and clear as possible, the last thing we wanted was to drop a watermark over the top, so we took some steps to prevent the images easily being copied.

Due to the sheer amount of great quality content to show, the goal was to have each page feel like it was constantly changing. This was achieved through alternating images on the homepage and enabling various gallery grids to ‘shuffle’ in their layout. A parallax effect has also been subtly distributed throughout the pages, combined with animation, to support this approach.

From start to finish, Cargo made the web build process simple and effortless. Launching a new website can be a virtual minefield but they made understanding this so much easier. The Cargo Experience was seamless, enjoyable, professional, and on time..."

Hamish Brown

Due to each profile having a different number of images and content, we built the site so that each individual gallery can be displayed at a specified size or allowed to switch randomly between sizes giving the pages lots of flexibility. Page speed was also at the forefront of our minds as the website is very image heavy, we tackled this by lazy loading content where possible.

Content – always a big talking point on any project – was a dream to work with here. Minimal copy, but unlimited amazing photography. We also developed the idea of the ‘featured’ section, where Hamish can show a ‘behind-the-scenes’ take on his shoots. Giving the user an insight into his working practices, and the odd trick of the trade when working with A-list subjects.

We’ve loved this project. It’s not every day we’re deciding how best to showcase portraits of Samuel L Jackson, Ricky Gervais, Luis Figo or any other of the notable figures that can be found throughout Hamish’s of work.


The bar was always going to be high, but Cargo delivered beyond expectations. The quality of the final website and the delight of the client, comes down to that seamlessly close collaboration, between ourselves at Studio1440 and Cargo. Bring on the next project!”

Keith Waterfield - Studio 1440

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