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Newcells Biotech builds in vitro models to de-risk and improve clinical translation and drug discovery. They carry out in-vitro studies – tests and studies on cell development outside of living organisms in controlled environments such as test tubes or petri dishes. These tests supply data that will answer critical questions for pre-clinical drug development. As an agency that is used to working across multiple sectors and applying our expertise, working with Newcells Biotech in the drug discovery space has been really eye opening. A major challenge for our whole team was fully understanding what Newcells do and the best way to communicate it.

The issue that Newcells faced when they approached us was that whilst they had fairly recent brand and identity created, they didn’t feel that their website communicated clearly what they did. In addition to this, Newcells Biotech are seen as a thought-leader in their space, they provide a range of white papers, attend talks, deliver webinars and also attend world wide conferences however none of this was delivered well through their online presence. How this is all structured and delivered was a key component to answering the brief and delivering a quality user experience.

We re-worked their entire site structure, and following some UX discovery, introduced social proof throughout the site. The new way finding ensures users can access what the need, when they need it. The product and service section delivers large amounts of varied and complex content so we’ve built the site in a way that allows endless pages to be built in the WordPress CMS. Using the components as layout strips allows Newcells Biotech the flexibility to build pages as they see fit. Components have multiple styling and colour options to allow Newcells to create designs that represent the brand and utilise their diverse colour palette.

Following the success of the website launch, we are now supporting the in-house team with activity across social media and also paid advertising in order to further increase the reach of the company through a range of specifically branded and targeted activity.

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