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Website security in the news again

Website stability and reliability has once again been in the headlines in recent months following a major issue with web hosting company The hosting company ‘accidentally’ deleted an ‘unspecified number’ of it’s customers websites resulting in data being lost for many companies. Whilst the hosting company progressed through the procedure of a data recovery exercise they advised that anyone with a website back up begin the process themselves of rebuilding their websites.

If you would like to you can read the full story here.

The exact technical cause of the incident is difficult to pinpoint, when this happens companies tend to close shop, releasing vague statements regarding cause or number of clients affected. On social media some clients reported they had been told that the deletion was made by a member of staff by mistake.

One customer in conversation with 123 reg said: “I have emailed them three times in two days regarding a VPS and still no response. Although you say 67 servers, this could be thousands of Virtual private servers and tens of thousands of websites, right? Also technical fault, you mean, as previously stated, a member of your team accidentally deleted everything as you had poor security checks in place.”

The immediate fallout and loudest noise tends to be from clients without any backup plan in place, many of whom rely on their website to drive sales. If a backup plan was in place you could be up and running again within a matter of a few hours depending on severity of the crisis.

At Cargo we can carry out weekly, fortnightly, daily, bi-monthly or quarterly backups should a client require them. This means that should an event like this one or something similar ever happen that we have, in the very worst case scenario, a 1 month old version of your site. This enables us to quickly get you back to having an online presence with the least disruption to your business as possible.

In a service contract such as this we also install any updates that are required to your website on a monthly basis which in turn keeps your site as secure as possible from threats such as hacks or other security risks. We have a number of clients who already benefit from this service, and always strongly recommend a service contract for new clients at the start of a project. There are also varying levels of server that we can host your site on – be it shared, hybrid or dedicated depending upon your requirements.

Get in touch with us to discuss how this could work for your business, or discuss any queries you may have.