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FHP acquired by IHC

Late last year we received some brilliant news. Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) - a client of ours for 18 months now have been acquired by global company Royal IHC.

As a result, we have made some very small changes to the website we produced for FHP in late 2014 / early 2015. Obviously these aren’t groundbreaking in any shape or form, however the updates to the site are not the purpose for this post. When we met with the guys at IHC and FHP to discuss the impact of this move, and how it was to be promoted across the site, a far more important statement emerged.

Never underestimate the importance of brand and positioning.

We have already produced an in-depth case study around our approach to the FHP project. At the time, the idea of the company being acquired was never raised, it was never an aim or objective of the project. However, when we met with Will Stephenson – now Sales Manager for IHC Rentals & IHC FHP, he stated very clearly that the FHP website instantly positioned the company as an interesting option to IHC. The imagery was clear and effective, content was concise and easy to find. This presentation on the web gave an instant feel and perception for the company, one which IHC wanted to explore further.

Now we aren’t trying to profess that it was this and only this that sold FHP. That would be ridiculous. However, it was a key part in presenting FHP in the correct way on the web – the global sales tool for the company.

So, congratulations to the brilliant team over at FHP, we’re looking forward to working with both them and IHC in the coming months to continually update and improve the online presence into 2016.