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Jimmy Turrell’s Byker Wall inspired typeface wins D&AD Award

Growing up in Newcastle’s East End in the mid-eighties, Jimmy Turrell spent a lot of time visiting his nan, aunties, and uncles in the Byker Wall – the unique architectural feat attributed to Ralph Erskine, built in the 70s to replace the Victorian slums which previously dominated the steep slopes of the Ouseburn valley.

His new, jaggedy typeface ‘FS Erskine’ pays homage to the bright colours and geometric, jutting shapes of the Byker Wall itself. Transformed into a functioning digital font with the help of Fontsmith’s Creative Director Jason Smith, and Type Designer Krista Radoeva, Jimmy’s FS Erskine has earned him a D&AD Award for Type Design.

Fantastic work, and class to see a fellow Geordie paying tribute to such an integral piece of our history through design.

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