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AC Milan tackle new brand strategy during lockdown

AC Milan has fast-tracked a brand transformation during lockdown, paving the way for other sporting clubs to find their place in the new world.

Speaking about the refreshed brand strategy, the club’s Chief Revenue Officer  Casper Stylsvig discussed the worry of attracting brands without meeting face-to-face post-COVID. He spoke about how they must be able to sell a vision and entice people “to be part of our journey and story”. The other concern, of course, was the huge drop in all major revenue streams throughout the country’s lockdown which led to the acceleration of the new concept.

Not long after the pandemic began, the football club quickly got on board to build a sense of community among fans. Alongside messages of hope and unity pushed out through owned channels, the club raised awareness of mental health through partnerships and also delivered care packages to ticket holders.

They also recognised that, in Europe, football isn’t usually mixed with music entertainment but it has the potential to do so. They dived headfirst into this during lockdown, partnering with Roc Nation (Jay-Z’s entertainment company) to hold a virtual concert, raising money for those who were fighting COVID-19 on the frontline.

There are other opportunities in the pipeline too, such as linking the club with Milan as a fashion capital and embracing new music partnerships. They also discussed gaining a better understanding of their consumers, delving into the data they’ve gathered from media platforms and the app.

All of this is alongside the promise of a new stadium, which is expected to boost morale of the fans.

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