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The Angling Trust is the single organisation that represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England and Wales.

For a number of years, the organisation had tried to take the process of booking and running their competitions into a digital format, enabling members to book online for their competitions. This was a very manual process and something that drained time and resources from staff.

The project provided a number of new challenges for us. Integrating with existing membership databases and dealing with ticket sales was a branch of e-commerce we hadn’t experienced before, and it offered some interesting challenges.

We are over the moon with this project. Not only have we delivered something others couldn’t, but we have also changed an organisation’s – now client’s – thinking of how digital transformation can help their day-to-day lives. Processes are quicker and smoother, and; as they said themselves; enjoyable. On the business front, over 70 events were created in the 3 months following launch, generating a six-figure income.

That’s not to mention the time saved in staff labour – and you can’t put a cost on job satisfaction and intrinsic experience, can you?

The portal Cargo have built has helped The Angling Trust engage with digital technology in a way we never have before. They delivered where others failed, and transformed our thinking. Our usual 3 month plus process to organise a competition has been reduced to a streamlined, comprehensive and enjoyable experience for our staff.

Ben Thompson - Senior Competitions and Talent Development Manager

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