Tyne & Wear Sport

The development of an online booking system for local businesses and authorities

Background to the project

Following the successful launch of an online booking system for the Angling Trust in early 2017, this project caught the eye of Tyne & Wear Sport (TWS).

TWS are a registered charity that encourages people of from all walks of life to get involved in sport, they run a website which allows sports organisations, employers of local businesses and members of the public around the North East to purchase tickets for the events they run. An existing platform had been in place for several years, however as the demands of the courses TWS ran changed over time the system was no longer able to meet their requirements, the website was also not usable on mobile devices or tablets which restricted the number of users TWS could engage with, therefore this was a key area of delivery for the new site. 35% of users were accessing the site via a mobile. In addition to this, the user interface was not inline with current web practises, and did not easily guide a user through the purchase process.

To make the platform unique to Tyne & Wear Sport, it was agreed that a brand would be established - BOOK IT!

Delivering the system

Following several exploratory sessions we found that whilst some elements were similar to the project we had previously delivered, there were a number of elements to the system that needed to be tailored specifically to TWS.

TWS have arrangements in place with several local businesses and government organisations, they can run specific events just for them or offer tickets at a subsidised rate.

TWS were also keen to be able to gather data and detail on exactly how the site was being used, which courses were most popular etc. The final outcome has made life much easier internally at TWS. With multiple administrative roles within the CMS, a clear hierarchy of usage and responsibilities can be applied to using the platform, and this in turn has increased productivity. Users can easily search for courses, register, book and pay online.

"Cargo were great to work with. We needed a system that would work smoothly and quickly for our customers and that was hosted on a site that looked attractive and modern. The team at Cargo delivered the project to time and budget, reacting quickly when we wanted things changed and doing what they say they'll do. They gave us help and advice when we needed it and the result has been a website and system that we're very happy with."

Xerxes Setna - Assistant Director – Communications & Information

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