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The design, digital and print work for a range of various projects and the ongoing support of the Northern Powergrid team


We first started working with Northern Powergrid in 2010 and have since developed a very strong working relationship where we assist them on a range of various projects.

The first project we delivered was for Customer Led Network Revolution which is the UK's biggest smart grid project at the forefront of the UK's move towards a low carbon economy. The project came to a conclusion in 2015 and after it's success we have went on to deliver design and digital solutions for two further projects. Firstly there is Incentive Connections Engagement (ICE) which drives distribution network operators to continually improve services to major connections customers. Then finally there is Activating Community Engagement (ACE) which is a community project led by Northern Powergrid that rewards people for making small changes to how and when they use electricity. This project is ran in partnership with Newcastle University and Durham County Council.

In addition to this we are always on hand to support the Northern Powergrid team with a range of services from email marketing, print collateral and event organisation.
Customer-Led Network Revolution wind turbines

Customer Led Network Revolution

In the early stages of the project we worked with the client to realign the CLNR identity, making sure all aspects were consistent with the already established Northern Powergrid brand guidelines.

These design and brand updates were implemented across all CLNR internal and external materials. The relationship between Northern Powergrid and ourselves quickly developed and we supported CLNR with not only their website, but printed and digital promotional material, email marketing and exhibition elements.  

The ambition was to create a CLNR website that was simple and easy to use, mobile friendly and a perfect platform to disseminate complex research into simpler, smaller chunks of information that could be understood by a variety of audiences.  

A major challenge with this project has been developing a way to present the content in a manner that is clear and understandable. To tackle this problem we created infographics that could adapt and fit with each publication. The website included several interactive infographics to show how the technology on the powergrid effects different users and businesses.  

Engagement with users increased, but also through a consistent approach to offline and online activity, stakeholders also became embedded into the project values and mission. We saw an average increase of 20% per month of engagement through the website into the mailing list. The project finished with a legacy website full of interactive material and a set of comprehensive reports that were sent to major stakeholders and partners as well as be available to read online.

Customer-Led Network Revolution website desktop

Incentive Connections Engagement (ICE)

ICE aims to give Northern Powergrid connections customers and stakeholders the opportunity to influence their future service improvement plans.

Within the project we have supported Northern Powergrid with a range of materials from printed newsletters to event collateral, and infographics to email marketing. The last event was held at the National Railway Museum in York and we delivered design and print for banner stands, agendas, information packs and online questionaires. The project's email marketing campaigns have been a huge success in which we have seen on average a 44% open rate from around 3,500 recipients and this has converted to a 10% click rate. 

Activating Community Engagement (ACE)

Northern Powergrid is running the innovative ACE project in partnership with TheGenGame and Newcastle University.

If a user is based in County Durham, this project offers them the opportunity to win funding for their community group, simply by recruiting supporters to sign up and play TheGenGame. The brief was to develop the brand and marketing materials for the project, everything from the website to the welcome pack. 

The printed materials included a friendly and approachable illustration style to help engage with community groups and schools. This was used upon all materials including leaflets, posters, instruction packs, banners and the website.

The website itself had to be integrated with TheGenGame and features an online leaderboard so the users taken part can see how their group is doing in relation to others. The project has been trialled in County Durham and if successful will be rolled out across multiple areas of the North East.

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