North East Local Enterprise Partnership

The design and development of the Locate North East England website on behalf of the NELEP


Continuing to work with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP)

We started working with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) two years ago when they approached us to build the website for their new Locate North East England project, a comprehensive commercial property and land database. With this round of work, we revisited both the front and back end of the website and delivered some digital marketing work for the website. As the website had Google Analytics, we were able to use this data to inform improvements in the usability of the website for both visitors and the land agents.

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The purpose of this project was three-fold: improving the site for visitors, improving the content management system for land agents and bringing more traffic to the website.

In order to achieve the best results, we worked with all the stakeholders and used digital tools to gather and analyse data to make informed decisions.

When looking to improve the experience of the website for site visitors, we looked to Google Analytics to see what features people were using and where they were dropping off. We decided to refine the site search as people were not using the ‘draw’ feature when searching for property. By doing this, we were able to focus our energy on improving the property and land search that people were already using to create a more valuable experience for users.

To improve the content management system for land agents, we needed to understand their needs when it came to using the website. To collect this information, we had a round table meeting to hear their ideas and discuss some preliminary features we could introduce to the upload process. This allowed us to take this feedback and create a streamlined upload process that is now used by over 60 land agents to manage their property and land on the website.

For the digital marketing work, we primarily focused on pay per click advertising to bring relevant visitors to the site. By using targeted keywords alongside the changes we made to the front end of the website we were able to increase visitors to the website as well as conversions on site, month on month.

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Providing an improved website experience for all users.

With a content management system that is easier to update and a site that is more intuitive to navigate, means it is reaching more people and contains content to engage visitors. Land agents find uploading and updating content easier, which means information on site is more current and relevant for users. Users are able to more quickly and easily find properties, meaning they are more likely to find what they need and less likely to abandon their search.

This update has helped to continue further establishing the Locate North East England website as a reputable authority in property search in the region.

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"Cargo were extremely proactive in their review of the Locate NE website. They considered all aspects of user journey mapping, including how stakeholders and agents would use the site. Their dedicated team, who showed a great balance between creativity and technical knowledge, delivered efficiently and on time, providing useful suggestions as to how the platform could be improved."

Katie Coward - Communications Adviser

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