The website development and content management system in collaboration with Keltie Cochrane

Embleys website

Building Relationships

After a successful collaboration on the project for Shepherd Engineering, Keltie Cochrane once again approached us to assist them in the development of a fresh website for Embleys Estate Agents.

Embleys use Vebra to keep all the information on the properties they sell and all information surrounding it (viewings etc.) up to date. We were able to fit around their current processes so they didn't miss a beat with keeping their existing website up to date, whilst we developed the new site alongside Keltie Cochrane.

Embleys website desktop view Embleys website detail view

Ease of use

During the research phase of the project we found a common problem with many estate agent websites. It is unbelievably difficult to find properties.

When more detailed, granular searches are performed we often found properties we would expect to see in the results "go missing". Whether this was a problem with the website, we suspect the issue was a combination of the information being pulled from Vebra, and the information being input into Vebra itself. It was something we were keen to avoid. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a perspective buyer or indeed a seller it didn't inspire confidence in the estate agent if some properties were slipping through the cracks so to speak.

After the fantastic design that Keltie Cochrane created, this information allowed us to develop a new website that is easy to use and inspires confidence.
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