Hacel, is a lighting manufacturer whose products are all designed and manufactured in the UK. They approached us last year to collaborate on a web project with their in-house staff.


Hacel, is a lighting manufacturer whose products are all designed and manufactured in the UK. They approached us last year to collaborate on a web project with their in-house staff.

They asked us to assist them with a content management system that would align with the new features being created in the front end. We also had the opportunity to build a custom plugin for updating content on their website that fit in with their current workflow.

Their previous website was an informative brochure site, and after conversations with their clients they realized which features would make their website more useful for clients and help to streamline their own working processes.

As their in-house front-end developer had already built the front-end, we were able to visualise how their new website would work. This gave us the parameters by which to structure and build the content management system.

After conversations with their clients, they realized that their site needed to do two things: a product builder, which allows clients to submit a schedule (a specific style of form used by Hacel to generate a lighting schedule for projects) and two distinct search functions (term search and product code).  

User Journey Diagram

Product Customisation

The product builder was a key element of improving functionality as it allows clients to select the individual features for their products and submit their schedule to Hacel via the website.

This has helped to automate the process as the schedules are now compiled on the website and then completed schedules are sent to the Hacel sales team via email.

As the product builder is a unique feature, we had to build a custom plugin from scratch.  This allowed staff to upload a spreadsheet which would update the website rather than having to change singular components for each product. This helps to save time and limited interruption to the way they currently work.  

Product customization Diagram

Search Function

The two distinct search styles reflect the two types of user journeys: the new user and the returning user.

The term search is focused more on the new user’s experience in which they would be searching for more generic terms such as LED or by the name of a lighting product. 

To simplify the website for returning users, we built a product code search so that customers who had previously ordered from Hacel and knew which products they wanted could type the code into the product code search and bring up that specific product to add to their schedule.  

Product customization, browser visual


Working with an in house developer allowed us to focus on the building of the back end and benefit from the research that had already been done and the expertise of their members of staff.

It was win-win that we were able to improve the experience of their clients as well as simplify some of the tasks for staff members who work in client facing roles.

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"We had an extremely niche and complex requirement for our new website alongside the need to work with a company who offered great flexibility and support. Cargo met all this criteria and more. Incredibly reliable, positive, proactive and above all, had an understanding of who we are as a company. We are proud of our new website and proud to have worked with fantastic company like Cargo!"

Laura Surrey - Marketing Manager

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