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Continuing our relationship as the digital partner of commercial law firm Square One Law

In for the long run

We have continued to work with Square One Law since 2011 and we feel their latest website update is undoubtedly the best yet.

Square One Law is an award-winning, leading commercial law firm based in Newcastle upon Tyne that works with a mix of entrepreneurs, owner-managed and fast growing businesses. The company has grown by building long term relationships with their clients based on trust and expertise and they wanted the latest iteration of their website to reinforce this.

We’ve been working with Square One Law since they first set up as a start-up law firm in 2011. Our first web project was setting up an initial holding page, which was quickly followed by a full website in 2012. Then in 2014 we revisited the website for a second time and brought it up to date with a fresh, responsive approach.

The Challenge

As we have worked with Square One Law from the start and updated their website a few times, it is always a challenge to be able to refresh the brand’s website.

The brief from Square One Law was to simplify the website with an easier navigation, cleaner imagery and the ability to add videos to more areas of the site.

The project was very much a case of evolution, not revolution. We did not want to alienate the current user base who are familiar with the Square One Law brand - developed by their brand consultant, Gill Gilthorpe and the team over at Hedley McEwan. We wanted to take the strengths of the previous site and develop this, looking at where we can build in improvements based on the growth of the business. We wanted to retain the simplicity of the brand, and emphasise this throughout the site with clear messaging and strong typographic styles.

When it came to updating the website, the focus was on restructuring the clarity and emphasis of information. We used Google Analytics to look at how users were interacting with the website. Popular pages still needed to be easily found once the website was re-structured, but also we looked at the flow of traffic to important pages that had lower visits in a bid to improve their visibility in the new website. This helped shape the navigation and it is a central component of the website.

Square One Law has an exceptionally talented team of specialist lawyers who understand the intricacies of running a business as well as giving commercial advice. Users of the site regularly visit the “Who we are” page so we provided a more effective template for “Who We Are” by making the navigation larger and adding in larger hero images for individual staff member pages, making the most of updated.

The Results

A clearer, user-friendly website that is visually appealing and fully responsive that better represents the strengths of Square One Law.

This was reflected in updating the top navigation to include client testimonials and news to make the most of the navigation. We have also developed a new drop down, mega navigation that incorporates imagery. This allows users to access more of the pages from wherever they are on the website. Reworking the navigation bar meant we could re-examine the current hierarchy to create a more obvious user journey.

Previously clients and testimonials sat above the top level navigation, but given their importance it made sense to include it in the main navigation as that would be the first place people would look for it. The news was also added to the top level hierarchy so that it could be accessed from all pages. In this version of the website, the news was only accessible from some of the pages and users would have to navigate to one of these or to the home page in order to view the news. This gives users a better idea of what is on the site in a shorter amount of time.  

For the technically minded readers, the previous version of the website was responsive, but we took the opportunity to update CSS enhancements. With the introduction of WordPress srcset becoming a part of the WordPress core, it meant that support for native responsive images was introduced to create a better mobile and tablet browsing experience. Flexbox, a CSS property was more widely supported by the later versions of web browsers that had since been introduced since the earlier build in 2014. This property of CSS helps elements to maintain layouts across devices more consistently when dealing with different screen size and resolution. Both of these features create the best experience possible for users across all devices, meaning mobile and tablet users do not feel they are sacrificing their experience by not being on desktop.

We are pleased to continue to work with Square One Law on their website journey and help them put their best foot forward to grow their online presence.

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"Cargo were recommended to us when we set up Square One Law in 2011 and over the past 5 years we have developed a very strong relationship with the whole team. They fully understand our business and work with us on the continuous improvement of our website. They listen to our ideas and return with creative solutions and are always on hand to offer support, acting as an extended part of our team."

Ian Gilthorpe - Senior Partner

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