Dere Street Barristers

Re-branding and updating the digital platform of a leading Barristers Chambers


The latest addition to our range of professional services clients is a revised brand and website for Newcastle and York based barristers firm Dere Street. We have worked with Dere Street for a number of years, supporting them with mainly printed collateral to support events and marketing strategy.

Throughout this time we have often discussed the overall marketing strategy with the team at Dere Street, as traditionally this has always been very 'offline'. A recurring sticking point with the team was the limitations of their website, and in particular the back-end CMS it was built on. Having worked with a range of professional service providers in the past, we understand the difficulties teams have of removing themselves from the day-to-day, and exploring new ways of doing things. This was very much the case with Dere Street, and we knew there would be an amount of research and exploration to carry out with the team before we got stuck into creative.


The underlying aim of the new site would be to make it easier for the team to update and add content. This is pretty much a given on every project, but having been so restricted in the past we could not under estimate the importance of their team being able to easily promote seminar events and company news.

Whilst discussing the platform needs here, the issue of brand positioning was raised, and we began exploring the overall aesthetic of the site. We wanted to present Dere Street in a cleaner, more approachable manner, and somewhat more modern.

We set about working on some concepts for an identity, and also how brand imagery may work. Once again, we do not want to alienate an already loyal customer base, therefore we retained colours schemes and looked to develop the brand rather then redefine it. We teamed up once again with John Donoghue to shoot a range of brand-led imagery to be used as a library of work, and also capture consistent headshot imagery of all of the staff - a task in itself when working in both York and Newcastle with over 60 barristers! In addition, we have supported the team in applying the brand to a range of collateral and also their external signage in both locations.

Moving the brand through to digital and website application, a customised CMS was developed, and responsive design and development introduced. Given that greater consideration is now being given to search and also their social strategy, this became another essential part of the project.


The difference in profile is clear to see. Dere Street now have a platform to further build and progress their marketing strategy in a way which was simply not available in the past.

Updating content and promoting events is far less stressful and the team have added more updates to their site in the last month since launch than they did in two years on their old site. Moving forward we continue to work with both York and Newcastle staff to update and apply the brand to a range of marketing materials, which continues to raise the profile of the company throughout the North, further establishing Dere Street Barristers as a leading Chambers to work with.
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"The team at Cargo are great to work with, right from the very beginning until completion of the project we were constantly kept in the loop with updates. The system we now have is saving us so much time in terms of process and application. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of project."

Mr Kevin Beaumont - Head Clerk

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