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Branding, website and online marketing for an independent provider of consultant-led NHS care

A brand that cares

Tyneside Surgical Services (TSS) felt that their brand had become tired and no longer represented the company. So they approached us to help them create a brand that was modern and professional whilst showing them as a company that cares and can be trusted.

TSS is an independent provider of consultant-led, NHS care to the general public and was established by senior NHS clinicians to deliver specialist care across a range of specialties. The practice is based at The Peter Smith Surgery Centre within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead had grown a lot over the years and felt that their brand no longer communicated who they were or what they did.

Throughout the brand development we had to adhere to NHS guidelines and this applied to all web and print materials, including stationery. The logo itself aims to be professional, and represent the organisation as its own entity while maintaining some link with the NHS. This has been achieved through a corporate, clinical colour palette and a reserved, 'standard' use of type.

In addition to Tyneside Surgical Services, there are two sister companies - Manchester Surgical Services and Somerset Surgical Services. All three often use the acronym TSS, MSS and SSS respectively so it was important that the brand could be transferrable to be rolled out across all three companies.

Implementing the brand

After a large brand development project we progressed to roll out the branding nationally for three companies and a wide range of materials.

TSS had not carried out a great deal of offline - or online - marketing prior to working with us. Through the delivery of the brand, we applied this to a range of materials from standard stationery through to presentation folders, pop-up banners and branded merchandise. Promoting standards of quality through messaging was something that we set in place in order to reaffirm with users the level of care TSS offers. 

Through working closely with TSS we developed three key themes which can be seen on the homepage of the new site. For example, the message 'The Best Facilities, The Best Treatment' is validated by the fact that 'TSS offers state of the art facilities and support, meaning you get the best care possible'. This key messaging runs through all collateral.

The website also had certain NHS requirements of the information that needed to be included such as the Care Quality Commission and NHS Choices, which were incorporated into the design. 

A brand for the future

What we have achieved so far is only the start and we are very excited to work with TSS, MSS and SSS in the future to develop their brand and marketing further.

As with many of our projects, establishing a brand marque, aesthetic look and feel, and online presence is only the start. The staff at TSS are time-starved, therefore our support is vital to the activity achieving its potential. Online marketing is developing, but as a new channel of activity for the company, this is being delivered with care, ensuring that whatever action or decisions are made, they are fully supported by everyone within the team.

"Cargo brought a wealth of experience and innovative ideas to bring our new marketing strategy to life. The whole team approached the specific issues related to healthcare with enthusiasm and pragmatism. They were consistently good humoured and delivered the project to time and budget."

Mr Hamdy Ashour - Managing Director

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