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The website re-design and development for Mental Health Concern and Insight Healthcare. The websites service 14 areas across England and include a self-referral system and private patient area

Insight Healthcare website

Developing an integrated online presence

The Concern Group, consisting of Mental Health Concern and Insight Healthcare is a provider of NHS and local authority-commissioned mental health services.

Mental Health Concern is based in the North East of England, where they provide a wide range of specialist mental health services, which are predominantly commissioned by the NHS and local authorities. Insight Healthcare provides talking therapies nationwide whilst also providing Wellbeing at Work programmes which enable employers to provide their staff with access to wellbeing support through both a dedicated helpline and web portal.

In 2014 The Concern Group went through a major re-brand and in addition to this they wanted to develop their online presence. They wanted to create a group of websites that the public could use to gain access to the available services and integrate this online portal with their offline process and systems.

Insight Healthcare website desktop view Insight Healthcare website detail

Focusing on simplicity and accessibility

Insight Healthcare services 14 areas across England, with each area potentially including around 40 services. This not only created a complicated site structure it meant there was a vast amount of information for users to navigate.

With this in mind we wanted to create a website that focussed on simplicity and usability. We wanted to ensure users could access the required information with as little effort as possible. To do this we spent time testing and developing a navigation structure that would not only work for launch, but it would also be able to expand as the Insight Healthcare service offering grew.

The complexity of the website's services and information meant we had to consider how we would handle the Content Management System. As challenging as it was to organise for the front end user it was equally as challenging to organise for the Insight admin team. We went on to develop the functionality that included 'default' content for each service and then gave the admin the ability to overwrite this content for specific areas. This has proved to be a great success and means the Insight team can create a new area with ease and then tailor specific services within the area when they see fit.

All of our websites are built with accessibility in mind and The Concern Group websites are no different. In fact, it was vitally important the website be readily accessible for as many people as possible, so we included some extra functionality to aid this. Firstly, as with all of our modern developments, the website is responsive and includes all website functionality across all platforms. Secondly, we built in a high contrast option that changes the website colours to create the best contrast for the visually impaired. Finally, we integrated Google Translate to allow the user to switch the language on the website.

Insight Healthcare website tablet view Insight Healthcare user journey

Results speak for themselves

Despite the large amount of content, The Concern Group websites feel effortless to use and are very clear to navigate. The referral process is simple and we are very proud of the final product.

As proud as we are of the website design and development, a website of this nature is all about getting results. We are very proud to be able to say that in the first 6 months post launch over 1250 people have accessed the services throughout the country. This is a large number of people using the services through a web portal that previously didn't exist. We will look forward to working with The Concern Group in the future to improve the websites and develop further on this success.
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"We are delighted with both new websites, which now communicate the scale and vision of the organisation and are much easier to navigate than our previous sites. From the preliminary focus group to the final launch, Cargo were helpful, efficient, and very responsive throughout the process and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Scott Vigurs - Director of Services

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