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Electric Bikes? Yup, we too thought it was a lawnmower motor on a bike to help the older folk out when they were out of breath. How wrong we were…

The team behind Ride Electric approached us with their concept for hiring and re-selling e-bikes through corporate outlets and to the general public. After an initial meeting we were instantly onboard. Following some research into the industry, we learned that they [ebikes] are sometimes frowned upon by the hard core mountain bike fraternity. However after reading a post about the 60+ rider who suffered a heart attack and thought his riding days were over, but thanks to his ebike he can still climb the hills, and get the rush coming back down, it’s clear to see the marketplace is huge.

And it's not just the ageing population we are talking about. We arranged and directed the photoshoot that you see within the work with some experienced, respected riders who had just as much fun on the bikes, and got just as much air.

So, what did we deliver?

This was a truly rounded project including market research, brand development, digital, photography, inbound marketing strategy, exhibition and display and some lovely print.

We wanted to establish a brand that appeals to all. We quickly identified the split between corporate customers and the public - of which there are three target audiences including the young riders looking for a thrill, families who have toddlers in tow and the older generation who like to be out and about, but aren’t quite looking to get a sweat on.

After a range of initial concepts the final brand reflects the ‘green’ nature of the company, but also the fact that these are electric bikes. Not only does the ‘R’ marque echo the use of circuit boards but the journey of getting from A to B and the use of 'Strava art' when recording your ride with GPS. Following this, a brand style was established and rolled out across a range of key marketing materials.

Delivering the goods

A number of scoping and strategy sessions were held with the team to develop the inbound activity required to target and promote the relevant audiences - both the general public but also the businesses that may look to benefit from renting out Ride Electric products.

This in turn led into the the structure of web requirements and functionality so that users targeted online, would land and convert when they hit the site. It works. Within a week of launching a number of enquiries arrived through the site enquiring to purchase products - and this was before the inbound activity was in full flow.

Future proofing the site was a large area of value that the Ride Electric team were impressed with, ensuring that they could implement updates and develop the site without the constant need of coming back to Cargo.

In addition, with new requirements being realised all the time, there is often a need for updated collateral at short notice - again something the team at Cargo are experienced in delivering at short notice, and this again is something that in turn ensure the Ride Electric team are in the best possible position to promote their product and engage with their audience at any moment.

The company is flying - just like the bikes - and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship to ensure the site and strategy continues to deliver the goods.

"We are building a business pioneering the adoption of e-Bikes through an innovative business model.  An effective online strategy is critical to the success of this venture.  The 'shop window’ of any brand is a great looking website, however it is the science behind that brand, the design of the website and critically, the tools that power the communication and enquiry processes. This is especially true of any business looking to attract and develop early adoption.

Cargo’s delivery of this across all elements has been second to none.  I have many business interests, I work to develop the business success of many tech based companies, so I am very well versed with a large number of business web providers.  What we needed was obviously brand creativity and web development skills, but equally/more importantly, is the ability for the provider to understand the business process and challenges we faced/and still face.  The real success is then to translate the need into an effective inbound capability, and to glue the myriad innovative web tools into an integrated, seamless system which helps to drive and capture interest, in order that we can then turn opportunities into orders.  We have together developed a proposition to be proud of in every aspect of design and functionality.  This has been provided in an environment of realistic, responsive, capable and friendly service."

Dave Anderson
Founder, Ride Electric

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"Cargo’s delivery across all elements has been second to none - brand, digital and inbound with seamless integration."

David Anderson - Founder

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