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Branding and website for a North East rope access specialist

Responsive website visuals

Creating a brand

Total Solutions are well known rope access specialists for the oil and gas industry and provide dedicated services and applications for buildings, structures, rigs, pipelines and construction sites. When Total Solutions approached us for a rebranding and website rebuild, we were excited by the opportunity to help them modernise their current offerings.

Their old brand was looking dated, which didn’t match where they had grown to as a business. They needed a brand to support their position in the industry. Total Solutions have recently opened a new premises, which meant they now had a major training facility, allowing them to compete with larger industry competitors. 

They needed the new brand to be modern, fresh and appeal to the wide variety of people in their target audience, which includes people looking for training, oil and gas companies looking for trainees, and educational organisations. As they are growing, they needed a brand that will grow with them and maintain their professional image. 

The concept behind the logo stemmed from the lines made by rope access workers, the angles created from working at height. The red is staying true to the old brand which was the colour they used. We introduced a newer more modern typeface and had it lower case/ tightly kerned to almost look like a building skyline.

The brand also needed to be transferable to sub brands. The ideas behind the main Total Solution, top level umbrella brand was altered to maintain its integrity to that it could be applied to the sub brands for other areas/sections of business, such as Training and Resources.

Being the growing company that they are, meant more staff that would be working with the brand and greater brand coverage, so they needed guidelines to help keep consistency. We then set out a strict set of guidelines to help with usage and that is also scalable in case more brands are added in future.

Total Solutions Logos Brand guidelines Uniform designs and van wrap


After numerous visits to the new training facility we decided to create a new section of the website that allowed users to view each training asset.

To do this we created custom isometric illustrations of each individual structure. Users have the ability to interact with the illustrations and take a step by step walkthrough of the asset, each point revealing further information.

The illustrations were so well received that we have gone on to use them in a range of marketing materials, including company brochures and training induction plans. We have also started to develop the training area of the website further so that it can become an all in one induction area. The area will include the use of video, information packs and an online booking area that will allow users to check course availability and sign up.

Training facility illustrations Total Solutions brochure


With the website, we wanted to create something bold, friendly and different. The site is being visited by a wide range of users so we wanted a design with vast appeal. In the design, we included chunky call to actions, simple bridge pages and easy layouts to keep the website simple but approachable.

We used the square logo as the basis of a grid design approach, which is applied across both site and print. The continuous bold use of colour and large photographic images make it visually engaging.

The concept of having multi site functionality was also introduced in this new website build meaning we can duplicate the template for other aspects of the business. This will see the implementation of the ‘Our Companies’ button that then displays the range of divisions that merit having individual sites to accommodate the larger range of information.

Another update we made has improved the user experience of the website, across multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). The old site was responsive, but it was poorly executed, and we wanted to make it more accessible so visitors could easily get the information from the site. We’ve made the website fully responsive so this could be achieved.

The pages and hierarchy were similar to what was on the previous website. The new website introduces the training section, which includes illustration assets to further emphasise the first-class training facilities and show the strength of their training programmes. The concept of having multi site functionality was also introduced in this new website build and will be taken further in stage 2 of development.

Total Solutions stationery Total Solutions website desktop view


The Total Solutions branding, illustrations and website was a full length project and we were pleased to be given the opportunity to work with a growing company and support their further expansion. This project has given Total Solutions the opportunity to stand out in an industry that is quite corporate and traditional but still needs to appeal to the younger generation of new workers joining the industry each year. The work we have done has helped Total Solutions to balance a more polished, professional look while maintaining the friendly approach of the company while giving them a stronger platform by which to build their marketing and communications on. We look forward to continuing to work with Total Solutions on helping them grow the web offerings for their business.

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"For me its all about the communication when developing or strategising a market leading innovative idea, Cargo definitely enhanced my thought process and delivered the market awareness for my business. The end result was brilliant and delivered on time considering we made many changes on the 11th hour before launch!"

Mick Flaherty - Managing Director

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