Ideal Stairlifts

One page website build for functionality and purpose for one of the leading stairlift providers


Based in Stockton on Tees, Ideal Stairlifts - part of the global brand TK Encasa - approached Cargo with a view to revising their dated online presence.

Having worked with other agencies in the past, they were looking for a fresh approach to their lead generating site. We held a number of discussions with the team ahead of agreeing the project, ensuring that both companies would work well together, understandably they were talking to some other agencies also. Having reviewed the marketplace themselves, Ideal wanted to take a 'one-page' approach to the site, with a focus on converting visitors and displaying only the key information required. 


We worked with the team to plan the structure of the site, explaining that to be entirely held on one page would be detrimental to the various marketing activities that are carried out around the site, and this was taken onboard.

During the process we also revised the logo marque for Ideal, tying it in with the aesthetics of the website. Having worked in the healthcare industry before, we had some good experience around the user persona of site visitors. More often than not in this case, it is not the user enquiring to purchase for themselves, but more likely the generation below, enquiring for their parents. With this knowledge, we were again free to embrace a contemporary approach to the site design and build, maximising the mobile experience.

For the first time in many of our projects, we had access to a range of high quality imagery, giving us the ability to design and build knowing that the content we were working with was 'real' and we could design with this, rather than second guess and use dummy content.

A key area to the site is the 'Get a Quote' form. Due to the measurement of success around this form, it was essential that we directed users back to this form throughout the experience on the site, and developed the slide-in-slide-out approach, to ensure this was easily accessible to them at any one time.

Finally, due to the global nature of the company, the site has now been replicated over ten times, for various countries in Europe including Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden to name a few.


The visual impact of the change to this site is clear to see. An updated brand, and website that works across mobile platforms has made a huge impact.

However, the key outcome for this project was for the site to convert - and this can be measured through analytics to highlight the increase in goal conversion after the new site launched. The screen shot below clearly shows the success of this project, comparing (in blue) the increase in activity since launch and in orange the activity in the same period prior to the site update. Improving the availability of the free quote form on site has made it easier for people to fill out the form and for the website to gain a conversion. 

Bar Chart Showing the Digital Impact of the new site Statistics showing the specific increases in sessions and conversions.
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