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Brand creation and website development for offshore, marine and subsea engineering company FHP Ltd

Fraser Hydraulic Power

First impressions last

Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd.) provide high-quality expertise, products and services to the offshore, marine and subsea technology industries.

We first met with FHP back in 2012. Back then they came across as a run-of-the-mill engineering firm. Visiting them was like stepping back in time, a large cluttered warehouse, yard filled with rusty pieces of steel and metalwork, offices with piles of paperwork and one out of date PC in the corner used for emails. OK, we exaggerate slightly but it was all very dated. Unfortunately at that time the project didn’t come off as a few things changed internally, and things went quiet until we received an out of the blue call in September 2014. We obviously made a good impression when we met, and so arranged a meeting at their new premises - we arrived to find that things had changed…

Fraser Hydraulic Power new premises

FHP had moved location to a state of the art, 28,000sqft industrial unit just along the road at Neptune Energy Park, right on the banks of the Tyne. Having outgrown their existing premises, the move provided a bespoke facility to accommodate all their long term business needs. The new premises at the time was pretty empty, but it was clear that this was a massive shift for the family-ran company. The new premises seemed to breathe life, and simply by walking into it, you could see a clear vision for the future.

It was apparent that FHP had not only outgrown their premises they had outgrown their brand. We arrived to see that this had received a simple update to the identity itself, but this was all. Working alongside the FHP team and once again with photographer John Donoghue, we began to develop everything from a new digital platform, to brand imagery and internal signage/graphics. Our overall aim was to create something that reflected where the company was heading, and to set them aside from their competition and not be seen as that old run-of-the-mill engineering firm.

FHP Client Photography FHP Stationery FHP event pull up banner stands FHP Client Photography 2

A simple user experience

FHP Ltd. have a wide service offering which makes the website very content rich with quite a complicated structure.

With this in mind we focused on clarity and simplicity, a website that focuses on experience and allows users to access content with ease. To do this we started by re-structuring the sitemap and created three very direct sections. These sections not only provide the focus in the navigation but also as part of the home page.

There were number of discussions over how this would work with their online marketing. Analysis of analytics told us that users mainly visited previous pages on the site named long the lines of 'subsea' and 'offshore', so we had to keep these pages. A fair point, but discussions with FHP told us that their business had changed, it was their delivery and experience that sold their service therefore this is what needed to be promoted.

The three main sections follow a consistent layout which focus on the use of photography and brand positioning. The brand photography enables the pages feel familiar to the user and also gives a fantastic insight into the level of service FHP have to offer. As with all of our websites the FHP website is fully responsive, which helps deliver an outstanding user experience across every platform and makes all content available no matter what the device.
FHP homepage on a mobile

Industry experts

The FHP Ltd brand now reflects the quality of the work produced and showcases the companies knowledge and expertise in its industry.

At the start of the project our aim was to deliver a brand and experience that highlights quality and instils confidence, whilst promoting experience and expertise. What we produced gives FHP a vision for the future and the website provides an online platform that reaches a worldwide audience - reflective of the fact that their products and services are used across the globe. With this to hand we have since helped the team at FHP to transfer this into offline materials, ensuring that the vision and values of the company are consistent across the board.
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"I couldn’t recommend Cargo Creative highly enough and I believe the quality of the finished product speaks for itself. From our first meeting to the launch of our new website they ensured everything ran smoothly, usually pre-empting any request we may have had for them. It is becoming increasingly more important in industry to have a website which pushes you ahead of the competition if you wish to get new contracts and I believe with our new Cargo Creative designed website we now have an even greater edge."

Daniel Fraser - Project Manager

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