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Developing the Barrier Group umbrella brand and working with the sub brands to create a consistent look and feel

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Barrier was formed in 1975 to carry out painting of structures to be installed as part of the growing North Sea oil industry.

After implementing a new site for Aquaseal Rubber, we were introduced to Robert Bowles of Barrier Group, of which Aquaseal is part. Robert asked us to work with them to bring together a number of sites that over the years had become dated and inconsistent with the Barrier Group brand.

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The aim was to create a united web presence for Barrier Group.

To ensure their was a clear hierarchy to the group, and each strand was instantly recognisable and able to work within its own space we introduced three individual colour-ways for Architectural, Fire Protection and Syntech websites, all of which can be accessed from the Barrier Group website.

We work with a range of clients – some of whom have internal marketing teams and some who don’t. It became apparent following the launch of the Barrier sites that the capacity within their current team is limited by their own admission. So, like our work with Ward Hadaway, we are currently embarking on a new project with Robert and his team to establish and develop their brand identity across company materials to achieve the consistency that we have applied online to offline.

Barrier Group website tablet view


Barrier now have a solid base to work from, with key measurement of success across the board.

They engage regularly with PR stories in the press, and now having engaged with Cargo, these are added to their site on a regular basis. We continue to work with them to achieve the right marketing mix, ensuring that their social channels are populated and up to date – directing users back to their site to read stories and find out more about the company and it’s offering.

Watch this space for further updates on the development of the Barrier brand and success in months to come.

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