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You may have picked up from our site that we tend to retain clients pretty well. No moreso than Advanced Radiators. We actually designed their previous site shortly before Cargo was born (8+ years ago), so earlier this year it was great to get the call to work with them again on a new iteration of their platform.

When we say platform, we really do mean platform. The intricacies of the Adrad site enable them to essentially run their business from the website. Internal sales staff constantly refer to the site when speaking directly with customers to compare products when finding the appropriate part for a customers vehicle. When orders are placed, the order process from first touchpoint with a client through to order fulfilment is underpinned by the website itself.

The front end of the site however had become somewhat tired - let’s face it, the digital world has developed a great deal in the last 8 years. Whilst updates had been made to give some nod to responsive approach for mobiles etc, its fair to say that that actual aesthetic was in need of an update to make a more positive difference on conversion. When we revisited this, it was clear that gradients and buttons were the in thing back then, so after a review of user journey’s, the first thing was to introduce some nice, clean ‘flat design’.

Beauty is not only skin deep...

So, we initially developed a refined colour palette, but to underpin the new aesthetic, we also looked to re-structure the navigation.

We worked with the guys at Mediaworks on this as they had been working with Adrad for a number of years and were looking to target more specifically. The aim here was to clearly promote the other areas of the business - its not just Cars that Adrad deal in, Motorcycles and Plant Equipment are growth areas for the company and therefore this needs to be clear. With the introduction of a secondary navigation introduced as a drop down, returning users can still easily access the areas of the site they are familiar with easily. New users can access the content they want directly, without layers of interim - or bridge - pages.

Moving through the various design elements of the site we paid real attention to simplifying tabular content, and through adjustments to typographic styling made it easier to highlight the breakdown of forms and purchase processes, which in results in a quicker purchase process and more enjoyable experience.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, a number of developments were made to the back-end of the site.

Aftermarket car radiators are a complicated business, manufacturers around the world will tweak their products to fit the maximum number of vehicles as possible - giving as wide an audience as possible at the lowest possible price via economy of scale. As they don't share workings with each other the end result is lots of similar, but not identical products. Years of experience has refined the process of sifting through these products to deliver the best possible product, price and service to the client. The website is a key part of this process.

The website ran on an out of date version of PHP 5, in migrating to PHP7 we were able to deliver significant speed improvements. At the time of writing the site delivers 97/100 on Google Page speed.

Cargo also helped the client change payment gateway providers, moving from Worldpay to Sagepay. And change delivery service provider - from DPD to UkMail.

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