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The design and development of a website for a global technology and app development consultancy


hedgehog lab is an award-winning global consultancy that takes a unique approach to digital integrated solutions including smartphones, tablets, desktops, wearables and connected devices.

When they approached us to collaborate on the design and build of their new website we jumped at the chance to help them out. As with many creative agencies (including ourselves), they were finding it difficult to allocate internal resource to the project, but also in a sense of being ‘too close’ to producing something that was representative of themselves. Having a brand that is solid and familiar gave us a strong base to work from and allowed us to focus our efforts on the website. Together, we constantly referenced the need for the site to be an ‘evolution’ of the current presence, rather than a whole new approach, and we were supplied data-based information and intelligence to inform on which changes to make to the website.

As there were multiple areas of the site that need frequent updating due to the variety of projects they have, they needed a content management system that is easy to update. In addition, the site needed to integrate with a range of third party services such as Hubspot and Bamboo HR. hedgehog lab also needed the interface of the site to present the content without users being overwhelmed due to the volume of information contained on the website. This is especially important in their positioning as thought leaders with users visiting the website from diverse industries around the world.


The existing website was responsive and given the core area that they work in, it was essential that the mobile experience of the site was top notch.

With this in mind we approached the design and build ‘mobile first’.

Getting the mobile experience right allowed us to “work backwards” from what we would normally do and let the desktop experience develop from there. The case studies template needed to be flexible as the information on the case studies vary from project to project. For this we used custom fields, so that case studies could be uploaded with different amounts and types of information and still have a uniform feel without shorter ones appearing incomplete. As hedgehog lab’s projects span across multiple platforms and operating systems, the case study pages needed to visually show the capability of their skills. By adding in icons, it gives users an immediate marker as to what the project is about and what technologies were required for the delivery.


Aside from the design and delivery of the project, project management formed a key part of the overall delivery.

We worked towards an MVP – minimum viable product, and are now working alongside hedgehog lab to make on-going incremental improvements now that the site has launched. This means changes can be prioritised and small gains can be measured and evaluated over time.

While the website contains a vast amount of information, it is accessible whether on a mobile, table or a desktop and doesn’t lose context between platforms. It’s been a great experience working with another creative agency to deliver their online presence, and it would be fair to say that we have benefitted greatly from this, adding to our own processes as a result.

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"It was great to find a local NE company who we can trust to help showcase our Clients, Products and Company and have confidence that they have the skills, knowledge and creativity to take this forward."


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