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Generator was established in 1991 as a music industry development agency, supporting upcoming artists on the business side of the industry such commercialising IP and how digital technologies could disrupt and revolutionise the industry.

Over the years, it became apparent that the skills offered by Generator and its support staff, could be easily transferred into other creative sectors, and through the application of their innovative programmes this supports business and sector growth from ‘Garage to Global’ - a phrase that so many creatives can associate with.

By mid-2017, the growth of Generator had established a range of services and programmes, however by promoting these programmes separately, this had resulted in a confusing outward-facing message to industry. An intensive review of their marketing activity was carried out alongside Horizonworks, highlighting the need to consolidate several web offerings into one central website, promoting the strongly interlinked brand family and product lines, including the three core offerings:

  • Generator – overall agency and core brand promoting our unique business growth services
  • Tipping Point – music development brand
  • Digital Union – membership organisation that is building, leading and representing the North East Digital Cluster


We were really pleased to win the Generator web project, after the team had met with a number of other agencies.

The guys over at Horizonworks had delivered the marketing strategy and also updated Generator’s suite of identities, however when we came onboard we really wanted to wanted to get under the skin of Generator ourselves, and explore with the team exactly how the offering would be delivered online. There were existing websites out there - all of which had been created and launched in an ad-hoc fashion, without considering the overall position of the brand. Remember building a Lego house and never having all the right coloured bricks to keep it consistent? Yep, pretty much that. In all of this, the fact that Generator was a ‘mothership’ had become lost.

We carried out two workshops with the Generator team - one to identify the users of the various services, another to discuss and explore site structure, beginning the process of user journey’s. It quickly became apparent that we couldn’t approach this as one exercise for all of Generator, and that Digital Union and Tipping Point were the other main outlets. Yes, there are elements such as Evo Emerging, Digital Bootcamp and Scale up that are prominent, but we needed to promote Generator more prominently, and enable Tipping Point - speaking to the Music industry, and Digital Union - speaking to the creative industries to still be seen as their own entity.


Once we had gathered insights and data, this was collated and analysed. The first task was to work on the structure and navigation of the site, ensuring that a user can easily access and consume content across everything, but also understand that there is an easy route back to the core Generator site.

As we have consolidated a number of sites into one, and many of the services have their own audiences, we made the decision early on to give each one their own landing page. Each has its own environment that is fully customisable depending upon the content that sits within each individual. Obviously Digital Union has a far greater content requirement than Start-up Loans for example.

From an aesthetic perspective, again, each of the individual services posesses a unique look and feel, but clearly sits within the Generator stable. We specifically wanted the core Generator site to hold a more corporate approach to the rest - as the audience is far different. Within here we look to speak to LEPs and funding bodies for example. Services were given the ability to be branded accordingly - however, in the past these have been given free reign to do what they want. Moving forward, we have provided a structure as to how each is promoted, and will look to police this.


This has been a brilliant project to work on. The Generator team are forward thinking, driven and want to clearly implement a culture shift within the organisation.

The new platform supports this belief, and over the coming month we are looking to work with them to get the most out of the site. Tracking users, ensuring the correct content is served where and when necessary its key to the success of the organisation online. This will certainly not be a site that sits still. With so much disruption within the industry, and an organisation that is focussed on growth, the site will grow and adapt with them.
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"Cargo Creative stood out from day one. Their honest, down to earth manner coupled with their creativity and ability to understand our needs put them miles ahead of other agencies we spoke to. The project wasn’t an easy one, we had three very distinctive sites that had to be merged into one under our new parent brand but still have stand out services and sub brands, however, the team handled it exceptionally and we are all thrilled with the results. Professional, reliable, cost-effective, talented. All around top people!"

Jodie Balmer - Marketing Manager

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