Is this book for you?

Obviously we’re going to say yes, because we think it’s awesome. 

Basically, we’re more than aware that inbound marketing and digital as a whole is awash with acronyms, space age phrases and stuff that just sounds like it’s come out of a Star Trek script. We hate this. Not because we hate acronyms, but because they're often used so flippantly that people daren’t ask what they actually mean – people just think “I should know that, right?”.

So, if you are

  • Thinking about starting the process of hiring an agency, but don’t know the lingo and want to be able to follow, and lead a conversation.
  • Doing your own digital marketing, and find you get lost when getting into more technical posts and conversations and want to be in the know.
  • Get reports from your agency/marketing team and can’t make heads nor tails of them.
  • Just plain darn fed up of the bull shit in the digital marketing space and want to cut to the chase.

Grab a copy of Demystifying Digital – it’s free.

"I have just read this - the title was interesting.  Because digital marketing is mystifying!  I kind of know because I work in the industry. I found the points in this document relevant and interesting.  I learned things I didn't know!  Its also a useful reference for terms too.  Anyway, have a read, you may feel the same!"

Dave Anderson - Ride Electric
Quote by: Dave Anderson - Ride Electric

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