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10 years of Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress has always been an incredible platform and there have been many plugins over the years that have enhanced and improved on its core functionality.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is one of those! ACF has been a solid industry standard in WordPress builds for many years now and it’s just turned 10 years old!

ACF is a plugin that gives you an interface to create and customise content fields in your WordPress website and now has millions of installs on WordPress websites across the world. Unbelievably, ACF is a one man band ran by Elliot Condon and along with the ten year milestone he made another announcement.

The company has now been sold to Delicious Brains, a company who produce their own quality WordPress plugins such as WP Migrate DB and WP Offload SES.

We’re looking forward to seeing where Delicious Brains takes the product in the future!

Check out the full story from Elliot below.

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