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Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 31st October, 2018 in Brand, Illustration, Design, Digital

We're looking for a talented designer to join our growing team on a full-time basis. The successful candidate will work under the guidance of our Lead Designer on a range of projects for clients both old and new.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 16th October, 2018 in Brand, Design, Digital

As designers and developers, we’re constantly striving to improve the web. Designers want to create unique and beautiful experiences for users, and developers are focused on building websites and systems that perform.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 25th May, 2017 in Digital

Last week was one of those weeks that reminded us of why we are incredibly lucky to live in the North East. It was a big week for the tech community with the launch of Newcastle Startup Week and the 10th annual Thinking Digital conference. They were both a source of excitement throughout the office. While we didn’t attend Thinking Digital in person, we were all streaming our favourite sessions and Paul went to the fourth day of Newcastle Startup Week which was "Growing and Scaling". Both of these events are a testament to the extensive but often unsung tech and digital community in the North East.

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Posted on 14th February, 2017 in Digital

It's in the news again. Like the repeated attempt at losing some weight every January (just me?), the turn of the year saw another wave of attempted website hacks - targeted mainly at the WordPress platform.

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Posted on 9th February, 2017 in Development, Digital

2016 was the year of CodinGame and while it has been around since 2012, it wasn't until last year that it started to show up on our radar at the Cargo office. What makes CodinGame different from most programming tutorials is it turns code into a game and lets you compete against other coders as you work your way up the leaderboard. CodinGame has said their goal "is to let programmers keep on improving their coding skills by solving the World's most challenging problems, learn new concepts, and get inspired by the best developers." The games are available in over 20 languages including C++, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. We let our developers Adam and Rich loose on the CodinGame website to see what their perspective was on the platform.                                 

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 3rd November, 2016 in Brand, Illustration, Design, Social Media, Development, Digital, Marketing

If you are a charismatic, motivated individual who is great with clients, a real people person and super organised you may be the person we are looking for.            

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 15th August, 2016 in Digital

Rio 2016 has been underway for a week now and even Zika virus, green pool water and the athlete’s village falling apart hasn't been able to prevent the Games from being the must-watch event of the summer.

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Posted on 27th June, 2016 in Digital

On or around the 13th June security researchers going by the handles JamesWT_MHT and benkow_ discovered an email containing an attachment with a Javascript file which, if ran will lock and encrypt personal files on a users computer and display a ransom note demanding around £200 for its release. This is ransomware and while it’s nothing new, the use of Javascript is.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 16th June, 2016 in Social Media, Digital

In the last decade, the business landscape has changed drastically. Online presence matters a lot more than it did before, and that includes the rise of social media. It’s really only been within the past decade or so that social media has gone from startups to daily habit, but it feels like it’s been around forever.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 9th June, 2016 in Development, Digital

Website stability and reliability has once again been in the headlines in recent months following a major issue with web hosting company The hosting company ‘accidentally’ deleted an ‘unspecified number’ of it’s customers websites resulting in data being lost for many companies. Whilst the hosting company progressed through the procedure of a data recovery exercise they advised that anyone with a website back up begin the process themselves of rebuilding their websites.

Rich Walker Written by

Posted on 4th April, 2016 in Development, Digital

Going fully ‘headless’ is quite a challenge, both in practice and concept, when you’re used to managing websites built on platforms like WordPress. The potential benefits can be well worth considering when starting a new project.

Before we get into that, though -  what is a Headless CMS?…other than spooky, of course.

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Posted on 18th February, 2016 in Digital

Website and internet security is ever becoming a more important topic as technology becomes more complex. Enter HTTPS. Even if you have never noticed HTTPS before, you have more than likely encountered it. At least we hope so.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 5th February, 2016 in Brand, Design, Digital

Late last year we received some brilliant news. Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) - a client of ours for 18 months now have been acquired by global company Royal IHC.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 28th January, 2016 in Design, Digital

The past few years has seen a major rise in the use of the term “user experience” or UX as it is commonly known. It seems to be everywhere, especially in the digital space.

Companies now have dedicated teams working specifically on it and new job titles like ‘User Experience Specialist’ or ‘User Experience Architect’ are surfacing. So what has caused this sudden rise in popularity? And what are people really talking about when they use the term ‘User Experience Design’.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 8th January, 2016 in Digital

If you’re anything like me, you’ve settled (a little too comfortably) back into the routine of work. 2015 is a distant memory and most of the can-do attitude and resolutions have taken a back seat to playing catch up now that you’re back in the office.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 18th December, 2015 in Digital

So here we are, quickly approaching the end of 2015 - a year that has been full of change for Cargo. We would once again like to thank those clients that we have worked with over the past 12 months. We look forward to working with you to grow your business in 2016 and beyond. We are fortunate to have worked on some pretty amazing projects over the past 12 months, both for new and existing clients.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 3rd December, 2015 in Design, Digital

In life, sometimes people just get you. And they get themselves too. They’re so wise. Like a living, breathing Yoda (with hopefully less ear hair).  Chances are young padawan, this person has a high level of emotional intelligence.

Adam Gowland Written by

Posted on 13th November, 2015 in Development, Digital

Mobile: the outgoing, ubiquitous sibling of desktop. Mobile is a mover and a shaker. There’s a limitless possibility to the variety of websites loaded on the go, but sometimes Mobile can be a little slow. While we have forgiven this youthful attitude in the past, it is time mobile got up to speed and started keeping pace with today’s expectations of user experience.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 9th November, 2015 in Digital

Website security has been a prominent theme of news stories over the past two weeks and has prompted a number of discussions in the Cargo studio.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 16th October, 2015 in Digital

Here at Cargo we love delivering beautiful, functional websites that focus on solving problems for our clients.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 8th September, 2015 in Brand, Design, Digital

Last week, Google announced the evolution of its identity which included a complete rebrand that, in Google’s own words, ‘embraces an expanding, multi-device, multi-screen world’. They also state that the rebrand is necessary to make Google more accessible and useful to it’s users. In fairness to Google, that is as good a reason as any to undertake a rebrand, although in doing so they did send the design and digital world into a frenzy.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 28th May, 2015 in Illustration, Design, Digital

This week we moved into our new studio in the heart of North Shields. We spent 4 years in our last space in Cobalt Business Exchange and whilst this provided us with everything we needed during that time, we felt the time was right to move on.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 13th May, 2015 in Illustration, Design, Digital

Following a further raft of new client wins and the continual development of existing relationships, we are looking for a number of roles to help extend our team further. Exciting times indeed.

Adam Gowland Written by

Posted on 24th April, 2015 in Development, Digital

You may have read this week on the BBC, the Wall Street Journal or watched the coverage on Channel 4 News that Google are updating their algorithm so that websites which are "mobile-friendly" will appear higher in search results than websites that aren't. We wanted to give our view on the update and on how it could affect your website.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 1st April, 2015 in Brand, Development, Digital

We have recently been involved with the launch of Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee. A new caffeinated product that is less acidic than standard coffee and is sugar free, fat free, has no carbohydrates and is also very low in calories.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 18th March, 2015 in Design, Social Media, Digital

It was only a few years ago that QR codes burst onto the scene as the new cool piece of technology to use and with this rise we started to see them crop up in many marketing and advertising campaigns around the world.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 20th February, 2015 in Illustration, Design, Digital

The photo-editing tool Adobe Photoshop has reached it’s 25th birthday this week and to celebrate they have launched an advertising campaign featuring work from artists and iconic movie images that used Photoshop. Some examples include Avatar, Gone Girl, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Shrek.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 23rd January, 2015 in Design, Development, Digital

At the end of 2013, following a creative pitch process we were appointed to re-design and develop a new website for Mediaworks. We had also delivered their existing site, however after a great deal of change not only in their organisation but also in their industry, it had become apparent that an update to the presence was indeed needed.

Carl Rutherford Written by

Posted on 16th January, 2015 in Design, Development, Digital

Cargo Creative has helped to deliver a new website for one of the region’s leading law firms. The Newcastle-based web design agency worked with Ward Hadaway to overhaul the UK Top 100 firm’s online presence to further improve its services to clients and deliver a comprehensive web service across a range of platforms.

Paul Hart Written by

Posted on 15th December, 2014 in Brand, Design, Digital

We work with a number of great photographers at Cargo. Each have their own specific skillsets or niches. So when projects come along, you have to be able to use the right person for the job. We have been admirers of John Donoghue for a long time, but the right projects have never come along to enable us to work with him. Until now.

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