Elyse Vose Written by

Posted on 14th July, 2017 in Marketing

If you’re in marketing, you know it’s not an easy job (despite what some people think!). As our world has become more digital, the industry is changing on a daily basis. While the basic principles of marketing have stayed the same, there are now more things to keep up with than ever. While it can be intimidating, all these challenges are just new opportunities.

Elyse Vose Written by

Posted on 13th July, 2017 in Marketing

With so much new shiny software coming out on a daily basis, it can be tempting to jump ship at the first sign of an early adopter invitation. But can jumping software do your startup more harm than good? Switching software requires time for on-boarding and training people as well as extra time for people to get used to them.

Elyse Vose Written by

Posted on 11th July, 2017 in Marketing

We don’t want to imply you can’t do it all, but as The Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” And if you’re a marketing manager, who should those friends be? Every marketing manager should have some backup waiting for them in their little black book for when a crisis (or even just a normal Tuesday) strikes.

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